A home with a lot of furniture warrants regular termite inspection.  It is a known fact that termites feed on wood.  As the food source is more, they can multiply at an alarming rate.  They are furtive and many times go unnoticed.  The only way one can notice them is when they form mud-like pots near the edges of the woods or wood powder keepings falling.  They silently ruin the furniture chewing the wood and still go unnoticed.


Yearly Inspections

Generally, it is necessary to call the termite inspector yearly.  The professional expertise of exterminators saves our finances.  If the infestation is more than more inspections are required initially at regular intervals.  Generally, termite treatments last for four to five years depending on the habitat.  One of the common ways of controlling termites is liquid treatment and bait stations, these treatments usually last for around four to five years.


Common Clues of Termite Infestation

These wood eaters are sneaky.  It takes the work of Sherlock Holmes to identify termites.  Any person who had read about termites can identify by some of the clues these termites pose.  They push their droppings out of the wood and you can see small mud hills on the windows or any wooden structures.  People take a lenient view on these and just clean it away.


Termites and Health

Termites generally do not pose any health risks to humans.  In rare instances, there may be powders of pots that may sprinkle in the air causing sneezing or allergies.  In general, they are not considered to be dangerous except for property damage.


Termite Inspection and Bait Station

Also, another way of terminating termites is the bait station.  Termites may find baits made of cellulose and ingest them.  Termites will actively transport their food source to their place.  They actively walk through their newfound food source and ingest them.  It is important that the bait station does not instantly kill the termites so that other termites would avoid the station.  It should be a delayed process.  This is one of the effective treatments of the exterminators.  Exterminators inspect the area of the termites and place baits in close proximity.


Who Can Do Inspection

Any person who feels that termites have infested their place can do a formal inspection.  One can also call the termite inspectors so as to not consume our time.  A professional exterminator can do these things with ease rather we doing it ourselves.


Bait Stations Versus Liquid Injections

Based on inspection of the infested area, your exterminator will order what type of treatment would be best suitable for termites.  Both bait stations and liquid barriers are helpful in the termination of the termites.  Once we order these treatments, there are no side effects or ill-health effects to the furniture or humans.  The professional exterminator will do all the work and gives all the documentation regarding these treatments, so we can have a good idea about what these treatments are and how they work.

Termite treatments made by exterminators last long.  This is because they have narrowed in the subject of termite extinguishment for years.  These professionals have gone through a lot of case studies and have years of experience.  Termite professionals know the best on their subject, the type of wood, the species of termites and what works best for them. So it is always best to choose a professional rather than getting ourselves into the job.

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