Frequently Asked Question’s

Yes, if your operator has not already booked in your next service at your previous appointment, you will need to call to book in a time and date that suits you

We use EPA registered products and ensure the utmost care is taken when it comes to your safety. All our products are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets.

RF Pest Management only use products and materials that are designed for all weather conditions which means that wet weather should have minimal effect on your treatment.

RF Pest Management services are all either odorless or low odor to ensure there is no impact on your ability to live comfortably at home.

All RF Pest Management solutions are water-based solutions to ensure it is safe for your family. Leading recommends you wait a minimum of 7 days before mopping your floor or hosing the exterior of your home.

It is important to remember that “when we do our best job, there is nothing there” – this doesn’t however guarantee that pests cannot return to your property, if you get too complacent with the treatment. To maintain control of pest problems within your property, it is essential to perform all services.

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