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Pest control Melbourne services from RF Pest Management can help you with the treatment of pests and deliver preventative measures to ensure pests don’t return. To get in touch with us, check out our Contact Us form and get a free quotation and resolve your queries!

What to Do If You Encounter a Wasp?

Do you require expert wasp pest control in Melbourne to eliminate wasp nests that are on or near your property? If so, you may rely on our wasp pest control services in Melbourne. With many years of expertise, RF Pest Control offers safe wasp treatment services to Melbourne homeowners and businesses.

Regardless of the size of the wasp nest or the extent of the infestation, we can remove wasps from your property without endangering you, your family, or your neighbours. The worst choice you can make is to attempt a wasp hive removal on your own after learning about the high expense of wasp pest treatment in Melbourne. Melbourne experiences frequent wasp infestations, but it doesn’t make them any less bothersome. A wasp infestation close to your home is a surefire method to increase the danger of stings for your family members.

The Importance of Wasp Pest Control: Risks and Dangers

Wasp infestations are widespread around the world, but the European wasp is a frequent kind that you could see in Melbourne. Any kind of infestation close to your house puts your family’s safety and that of your pets at peril. You don’t want to hear that your dog pursued and swallowed an insect or that your youngster got stung.

There is a possibility that a nest may be on or near your property if you see an increase in the amount of wasps you have been inspecting. You must assess your house and business structure, treat the infestation with a wasp control Melbourne and removal service, and install a protective system if you want to completely remove the possibility of being stung. We offer prompt, efficient wasp treatment, eradication, and protection methods at RF Pest Control in Melbourne.

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Types of Wasps we control

European Wasp

A worker can range in size from 12 to 17 mm. The stingers of European wasps are vicious. They have two sets of transparent wings, the first of which is bigger than the second pair. The nest, including the males and females, dies over the winter, but the queen can endure it.

Yellow Jackets (Social Wasps)

When stimulated, they are able to sting repeatedly. Queens are 19 mm long, whereas workers are 15 mm long. They have two sets of wings, each with bands of black and yellow that alternate.

Common Wasp

This insect flies about with its legs close to its body and has two black antennae. They range in size from 12 to 16 millimeters. Their initial set of wings is bigger than their second pair, and they have two pairs altogether. They are well-known for being ferocious insects.

Native Paper Wasp

Melbourne is one of 35 different paper species found in Australia. They range in size from 10 to 22 mm. They have an extremely tiny waist and a lean frame. They have a tiny head, but medium-sized eyes and antennae.

Identifying Common Wasp Species and Their Nests

There is undoubtedly a nest nearby if you observe that the infestation near your house or place of business is growing daily.

Due to the fact that a nest is composed of their saliva and wood pulp, it resembles a papery wall. A nest may be found in a building's hollow in the wall, on the roof, in your sheds and garages, beneath your home's structure, in the parking lot of your office building, or in bird boxes. If you investigate the construction area and are still unable to find a nest, you may follow a wasp's return path to see where it travels; this will eventually take you to the nest.

Since there are more of them and they don't survive the winter, it is simpler to search for a nest in the summer or spring. The size of the nest being examined can range from that of a golf ball to that of a football, or even larger. Prior to them multiplying and being hostile, it is advised that you treat a nest to a control and removal service and get a defence system as soon as you become aware of it.

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Why RF Pest Management is a First Choice for Pest Control

Wondering why RF Pest Management is the preferred choice for countless homeowners and businesses in Melbourne? Here’s what sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back for more:
24/7 Availability

Pests don't take a break, so we're available 24/7 on call to provide you with the support you need.

Free Quotes

We provide simple and free quotes, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the services and costs involved.

Guaranteed Results

We focus on addressing the root cause of your pest problems, ensuring long-lasting results you can rely on.

Quality Service

Our experienced team takes all the necessary steps, from inspection to treatment, removal, and preventive measures.

Licensed & Insured

Our fully insured and licensed technicians bring the expertise and credentials to handle all your pest control needs.

How Much Wasp Pest Control in Melbourne Cost?

There is no standard cost in the pest control business for Wasps removal, but you should be prepared to spend between $150 and $300 to get rid of an  Ant infestation right away in your house. Additional services or a regular maintenance schedule may be required, depending on the seriousness of the issue. Get the most affordable Wasps control Melbourne.

Health Issues Associated with Wasps

Waps bring along certain health issues that we all wish to avoid. But if wasps have turned your property into their home, these issues could be common. So, the quicker you avail of wasp control, the better.
Note: As wasp stings are common in Australia, if you are allergic to bee stings, carry an epinephrine auto-injector, such as the EpiPen®, or an adrenaline kit, and seek medical assistance right once if they are stung.

Professional Wasp Extermination: When to Call the Experts

Have wasps built their home in or around your property? Are your kids complaining about wasp stings while playing in your garden? If yes, it is time to avail yourself of our wasp control Melbourne services in Melbourne. Wasp stings are seldom infectious, but they are always painful. So, protect your kids, neighbours, and pets against them with wasp control. Regarding pest control, we all like to try our hand at DIY measures. While they are still worth a try when it comes to a rodent or cockroach infestation, we highly recommend seeking professional assistance when it comes to wasps. Why? Because of the risk involved. Waps tend to act violently when you disturb their nests, so without adequate protection and safety measures, the possibility of stings increases.

So, as wasp control experts in Melbourne, we recommend you leave this task to the experts and have them handle it with the needed care and caution.

With years of experience dealing with wasp infestations, we will take care of the issue without giving rise to any safety concerns. We will secure the area, implement adequate wasp control measures and leave the site only once we are satisfied with the service delivered.

Once you avail of our wasp pest control service, our team will:

Frequently Asked Question’s

Residents of Melbourne most frequently encounter European Wasps, which are infamous for becoming aggressive when confronted. Because they might sting you or a loved one, it’s crucial to avoid attacking them or going near their nests.

They are drawn to places with flowery patterns, vibrant colours, potent sweet scents, easy access to food and water, and any environment that is conducive to reproducing.

The size of the nest may change depending on the season of the year. On an ideal summer day, though, you may anticipate finding between 3,000 and 6,000 wasps in a nest. Regular inspections for infestations are required, and to reduce the chance of being stung, it is best to address an infestation with a control and removal service as soon as you become aware of it.

Wasps and hornets differ in size and colour; wasps are smaller and are black and yellow in colour. A hornet is bigger and is black and white.

Our Process of Pest Control

Consultation for Pest Control

Consult a specialist right away if you see any indications of a pest infestation.

Site Inspection and Evaluation

A member of our Point Cook pest control team will do a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify the kinds of pests that are there, the extent of the infestation, and the locations of all access ways, feeding areas, and breeding grounds.

Pest Prevention and Control

Our pest control options are customized to meet your unique requirements. Any type of pest control in Point Cook may be carried out by our team of experts since they are qualified and licenced.

Report on documentation and pest control

After completing the pest control procedure, our staff will provide you with a report explaining the degree of the damage, and show you how to avoid having them invade your property again.

Best Pest Control After Care

Let’s look at what you must do following the completion of the pest control service.

1. Wait

Wait until the suggested hour if you have to leave the property before leaving for home.

2. Throw out any leftover food outside:

Throw any food you unintentionally left outside in the trash. Such food will never be completely healthy for you, even if they used organic pesticides for the pest control procedure.

3. Do not immediately clean:

The qualified service technicians at RF Pest Management won’t make a mess. Wait at least a week before performing a deep clean.

4.Repair any leaks:

Get any leaking faucets or drainage pipes in your home fixed as soon as you can. Water from the leaks provides bugs with a point of entrance, which might result in another infestation.

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Great service 👍👍
preet singh
preet singh
July 9, 2023.
Wonderful service provided by the team, anyone out ther looking for the pest 🪳🦟 control job done just engage their service.
Dipjyoti Metia
Dipjyoti Metia
July 5, 2023.
Very reliable friendly and respectful taking the time to explain the products used to exterminate rodent control with Q & A. Reasonable rates. Would use them again without hesitation.
Andra Sterling
Andra Sterling
June 6, 2023.
I called them in April to do mice treatment (mainly in the attic) with Saupry (apologies if I butcher your name) and after 1 month I finally sleep peacefuly. But since last week the activities in the attic are back and now I'm back to sleepless night. Not sure what to do or if there's any way to stop the mice from coming back. Then Saupry came back and help me more. He also explains some stuff I can do to stop the mice coming back. What a legend! They are the best people to do the job. 10/10! 👍👍👍
June 6, 2023.
Very friendly and efficient staff. Gave good advice and was on time for the job
Autotech Victoria
Autotech Victoria
May 24, 2023.
Djay was fast at responding to our initial request and attended the next day. He was great at communicating when he would arrive. He was very professional, got the job done quickly and tidied up. Once he was complete he explained everything, was very knowledgeable and gave good honest advice on other services we asked about. Highly recommend and will be using should we require any further assistance.
Kevin C & Alanna H
Kevin C & Alanna H
May 15, 2023.
Djay is very friendly! Always on time and ensures to get the job done correctly. I get my house treated every few months from the team at RF Pest Control. Couldn’t recommend the team at RF Pest Control enough! Thanks again for your recent visit Djay you and your team are fabulous!
Nihal Ulug
Nihal Ulug
May 8, 2023.
Super impressed with quality of service. I was able to get a same day appointment. Very friendly and knowledgeable with pests and the area. Highly recommend.
Kayla Crea
Kayla Crea
April 24, 2023.
Excellent service. Same day call out. Reasonably priced, very knowledgeable.
Theo Naidoo
Theo Naidoo
April 16, 2023.
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