What is Pest Control

Pest control is defined as a regulation species which gets out of control and affects human health, productivity and activity.  For centuries, since the advent of agriculture, pests have been a regular threat to humans.  They destroy food sources, affect health, and impact lifestyle.

During early ages, people used to control some of the pests through rodent traps, poisoned eatables and using animal pets like cats and dogs.  But these were effective only for rodents.  Many minute pests escaped these types of treatments.  With advancing time and technology, many types of futuristic pest controls have come into existence.  The tools of the trade have been very effective in controlling these pests.  Treatment measures like pheromones, synthetic volatile chemicals, UV light attractions, electrically charged grids, termite baits and injections, and glue boards have been found effective.

Types of Pests

Generally, pests can be classified into the following:

  1. Pests at home
  2. Pests at commercial places and offices
  3. Pests control in agriculture.

All the above pose major risk factors in day-to-day human activities.


In Agriculture

Pests can cause damage to crops and food stock.  In agriculture, pest control is necessary and is made through chemical treatments and biological methods.  These include spraying pesticides and insecticides and sowing resistant varieties.

The Urban Pests

The main issue that pest control becomes necessary and directly affects human life is in the homes and offices of urban settings.  Pests are seen in almost every nook and corner and around the house.  These include rats, termites, fleas, bedbugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes etc.  Some of these pose a direct risk to human health.  It is necessary they be treated with immediate effect.

Health Issues Caused by Pests – Rodents

During the 14th century, rodents were thought to cause pneumonic and bubonic plague.  It was commonly called the black death at that time.  The site of the rat left people terrified at that time.



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