Commercial Pest Control

RF pest management technicians deliver thorough pest management treatment plans to ensure your business is covered in conjunction with legislation’s underpinning the pest management industry.

When a RF Pest Management technician arrives at your business, you know a pest management professional will deliver a thorough property inspection and treatments, as well as ongoing pest control service and maintenance. We are dedicated to delivering a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for any pest problem.

Planning your scheme​

The infestation of pests within a commercial building can cause significant health problems for employers, employees and customers as well as potentially causing property damage through electrical fires and other potential threats. Pests are known carriers of harmful diseases that can cause significant health implications when they have contaminated consumable goods. The best form of protection against pests in commercial properties is ensuring the property is covered by effective preventative measures.

We offer a professional service and ensure clients have the confidence that they are conducting business with a professionals.